Aims & Objectives:

Pakistan Society for Horticultural Science encourages interest and involvement of professionals and amateurs in horticulture and related aspects and to sustain the vital connection between people and plants by:

    1. Gathering all professional horticulturists at one platform to increase their interaction and share their experiences and problems with others to seek solutions.
    2. Promotion of fundamental research on horticultural plants and allied aspects to improve people health, living standards, communities, and environment and to ensure food security particularly in the country and generally in the region.
    3. Sharing of scientific knowledge with researchers, improve communication and coordination with the farmers and other stakeholders by holding various gatherings, workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences.
    4. Holding various exhibitions and training sessions for the growers and stakeholders on modern innovations in horticulture in order to improve their businesses.
    5. Creating awareness about plants and environment among young generation and the communities to protect our environment with appropriate horticultural practices.
    6. Promoting circulation of advanced horticultural information to the respective stakeholders through all available media.
    7. Provision of a forum to the horticulturists to demonstrate their abilities and generate knowledge for bringing positive social, environmental and economic change in the society and to help needy horticultural students eager to learn horticulture.

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  1. Inspiring and motivating secondary school children to learn about horticulture for discovering the health and well being benefits of horticulture and increase entrepreneurship.
  2. Developing policy notes to share with Government for solving farmers and stakeholders problems regarding horticultural crops production and handling.
  3. Dissemination of innovative findings of researchers working at various horticultural universities and research organizations.
  4. Awarding talented youth and young horticulturists for promotion of horticulture in the country.
  5. Finding ways to help needy members who are facing hardships for their high studies related to any issue of horticultural crop.

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February 26 @ 8:00 am - February 28 @ 5:00 pm

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